Zen 2.0

About six weeks ago, I made the realization that I needed a change. Yes, that realization coincided with my 25th birthday. I knew I loved to write, and I’ve been published before, but I wanted to make a big push. Do something so radically different that I had no choice to pursue it. So I quit my job. It might’ve been extreme, but it was necessary. Of course, putting someone as neurotic as me into a seriously uncertain situation can be dangerous, and I will admit for the past few days I’ve sat on my couch and panicked while binge-eating oreos and mac and cheese (the only edible things I had in my house, as I was too afraid to go out and get groceries for fear of running out of money and starving to death. Yes, I understand my house would be full of food for a long time, but that didn’t dissipate the fear). But I’ve also had big potential, I signed up for a class at Santa Monica College on feature writing and a TV writing class at UCLA (through their professional program), both things I love. I have an upcoming article being published and I have plenty on the horizon. So maybe this wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had, completely redoing my life to pursue a dream only partially thought out, but it just feels right.